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I am a sociologist, postgraduate in globalization studies, migrations, inter-ethnicity and transnationalism, and have been working at TIAC (TI Portugal) since May, 2016, after a two-year breathtaking experience in Angola, were I was born 41 years ago.

During my professional life, I had the chance to work in different contexts and environments, from non-profit and NGO to education & training, from human resources management to entrepreneurship and business consultancy, but always keeping in mind what makes me happy: to be able to change myself for the better, personally and professionally, and in this way contribute to make the world around me a more fair and inclusive place to live.

While in Africa I have had occasion to realize the costs of corruption and its dramatic implications for everyday life. As corruption intensifies poverty and gender inequalities, for example. Just for that I am completely committed to TIAC’s and TI’s mission.

When I’m not working, I love a relaxed family life. Walking Oscar-the-Dog on Lisbon sunny Sunday mornings, and cuddling Zulu-the-Cat whenever she lets me.