CLEANBIZ International Seminar

CLEANBIZ International Seminar discussing the expansion of corporate social responsibility principles aimed at preventing and fighting bribery and illegal and unethical competitive practices in international trade.

CLEANBIZ International Seminar was held Monday, June 27th, at NOVA School of Law, in Lisbon.

With support from NOVA Compliance Lab and NOVA Center on Business, Human Rights and the Environment, the event counted with speakers from the Business Sector, Academia and CSOs: Inês Crispim Ribeiro (NOVA BHRE), Jóhannes Stefánsson, Whistleblower Fishrot (Iceland) , Luís Pais Bernardo (CeSA/ISEG and FEUC), Jonas Ådnøy Holmqvist (Ethical Trade Norway), Julia Gracia (NOVA Compliance Lab) and João Paulo Batalha (Frente Cívica).

Hosted by Atli Thor Fanndal, Gro Skaaren-Fystro and Karina Carvalho, representing the three chapters of Transparency International involved in the initiative., the seminar was closed by Mónica Ângelo (EEA Grants Portugal)

Follow the project results here.

If you couldn’t attend, watch the recording on TI Portugal’s Youtube channel.


CLENBIZ is funded by the EEA Grants Bilateral Relations Fund, and promotes the commitment of the business sector to Human Rights and Sustainable Development.