Call for External Evaluator/ Expert (Public Procurement)

Transparency International Portugal (TI Portugal) is seeking to hire an External Consultant to support Quality, Evaluation and Validation of the EC funded project “COrruption Risk indicators in Emergency” (CO.R.E).

Controlling corruption, by preventing fraud, malfeasance and misconduct is crucial for governments who need to allocate resources across competing priorities surrounded by uncertainty. Corruption prevention can be addressed by implementing a wide range of instruments, from education and public awareness to administrative anti-corruption national programs and their subsequent assessment through surveys and corruption risk assessment.

Risk assessment is a key driver of the public activity and its reliability and accuracy a fundamental challenge public entities are facing.

Taking advantage of the growing availability of open data and big data analytics advances, CO.RE aims to enhance earlier detection of corruption risk through big data techniques and a data evidence-based approach.

Role Description

The objective of the external evaluation is to assist the implementation of the Quality, Evaluation and Validation Plan for CO.RE (Quality Plan) developed within the scope of the WP6 – Quality assurance, evaluation and validation of the project, in compliance with the project description and all applicable rules and guidelines.

Under the coordination of TI Portugal, acting as WP6 leader, the External Evaluator/Expert has extensive experience & knowledge on the project’s topics and is expected to develop the following key activities:

  • support the WP leader to oversee monitoring, evaluation strategy and creation of monitoring tools;
  • assess the progress and success of the activities of the different WPs aligned with the project indicators and to propose actions to improve the overall effectiveness of the results;
  • analyze and interpret data on the project to identify achievement of results and weaknesses, document the status of the project in reports and make recommendations;
  • indicate shortcomings and constraints in the implementation of the project while, at the same time, identifying the remaining challenges, gaps and needs for future courses of action.

Application deadline:  15 December 2022

Please access the Terms of Reference for further details:

Terms of Reference